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Zebra Silicone Focal Beads | 12 Pack

Zebra Silicone Focal Beads | 12 Pack

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Enter the realm of crafting with our exclusive 12-Pack of Silicone Focal Zebra Beads! Each silicone focal bead, measuring 1.1" x 1.25", is crafted to elevate your DIY Projects. These zebra focal beads are perfect for pens, jewelry making, bracelets, lanyards and even unique keychains.

These focal beads offer durability and ease of use, catering to crafters of all levels. Mix and match them with assorted charms, ranging from 2mm to 30mm, to create captivating designs that showcase your creativity - they are ready to pair with mixed cute charms like Vuitton, letters, assorted, cow, western, and cactus style silicone focal beads - designing the cutest DIY beaded bracelet and zebra pens.

With our bulk pack offering, you'll receive an ample supply of beads to fuel your crafting endeavors. Whether you're creating bracelets, DIY beaded bracelets, or embellishing Vuitton keychains, these beads are the perfect addition to your collection.

Express your creativity with our bulk set of zebra charms, adding a touch of whimsy to your creations. These beads are perfect for kids' craft kits or DIY bead garlands, offering endless possibilities for crafting fun.

Show your support for animal-themed gifts with our Silicone Focal Zebra Beads. Order now and unlock the potential for truly unique crafting adventures!

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