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True Crime Junkie Silicone Mold

True Crime Junkie Silicone Mold

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Our True Crime Enthusiast Freshie Mold boasts a captivating design, measuring 4 inches in height, 4.5 inches in width, and 0.8 inches in depth. Dive into the depths of your favorite podcasts exploring unsolved mysteries with this unique mold.


For all the true crime aficionados out there, our true crime lover freshie mold is your ticket to turning your passion into a fragrant obsession. This intriguing mold not only quenches your thirst for mystery but also allows you to create unique and trendy freshies that showcase your fascination with the enigmatic world of crime.

Whether you're into epoxy, resin, wax, or soap making, this versatile mold empowers you to bring your obsession to life. This true crime freshie mold pairs perfectly with all freshie decorations including fringe, sequin tassel fringe, rhinestone fringe, focal beads, silicone beads, true crime beads, knife charms, halloween wood beads, and freshie hangers! Don't miss out on this unique, budget-friendly, and trendy freshie mold that allows you to unravel mysteries through scent. Start your scent-sational journey today!

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