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Sunflower Mama Silicone Bead | 12 pk

Sunflower Mama Silicone Bead | 12 pk

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Introducing our Silicone MAMA Sunflower Square Focal Beads 12-Pack, each measuring a perfect 3 cm x 2.3 cm. Crafted for versatile use in jewelry making, pen crafting, and more, these beads feature a delightful design with a background of sunflowers and the word "MAMA" prominently displayed on the front.

Whether you're into focal beads for pens or seeking wholesale options, this bulk pack offers a variety of cute sunflower mama square beads to fuel your creative projects. Create personalized bracelets, keychains, and unique pen designs with these charming sunflower-themed beads. The assortment includes mixed colors, ensuring each creation is as unique as you are.

Express your love for sunflowers and motherhood with our Silicone MAMA Sunflower Square Focal Beads. Ideal for kits, lanyards, and organizer projects, these beads come in a pack of 12, providing you with a lot of creative possibilities. The bead allows for easy threading, making these beads suitable for various crafting ventures.

Craft with flair and add a touch of Western charm to your projects with these versatile Silicone MAMA Sunflower Square Focal Beads. Whether you're a cheer mom, cat mom, dance mom, or a wife mom boss, these beads cater to various characters, ensuring a personalized touch to your creations.

And for the soccer moms and football moms, express team spirit with our assorted large focal beads for pens. Add a lightning bolt silicone focal bead to your collection for an extra spark of creativity. Fuel your crafting journey with these Mama-centric, sunflower-themed focal beads that are perfect for keychain making, ensuring your creations are as unique and delightful as you are. Don't forget to check out our Mama needs coffee focal beads, ideal for those moments when creativity calls. Order your 12-pack today and let your crafting adventure begin!

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