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Squeezy Squeezable Wax Bottle Care Instruction Cards | 50 pk 3.5 x 2”

Squeezy Squeezable Wax Bottle Care Instruction Cards | 50 pk 3.5 x 2”

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Introducing our comprehensive Care/Instruction Cards for squeezable wax pouches, a must-have for anyone engaged in candle making. This pack contains 50 dual-sided cards, each measuring 3.5” x 2”, crafted to provide detailed, accessible instructions and care information for a variety of squeezable wax products. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these cards are an essential component of your squeezable wax starter kit.

On the front, each card features easy-to-follow instructions on how to use squeezable wax melts, including squeezable wax melt pouches of different sizes such as the 4 oz squeezable wax melt pouches and the smaller 3oz squeezable wax melt pouches. These guidelines ensure proper handling and utilization, covering everything from how to fill empty squeezable wax melt pouches 8oz to optimizing the melting process to achieve the best results.

The reverse side of each card is dedicated to care instructions for maintaining the quality and longevity of your squeezable wax bottles, squeezable wax bags, and squeezable wax containers. These work great side by side with your squeezable wax melt warning labels and you can include your advice on how to add fragrance oil for squeezable wax to enhance the lasting home fragrance.

Additionally, these cards are designed to serve as business cards, providing a professional touch to your operations. They include squeezable wax container stickers and wax melt stickers, which are perfect for branding and customizing your products. These features make the cards an invaluable tool for anyone involved with squeezable wax melts supplies.

Furthermore, the cards include tips on using various carving tools to personalize or modify your wax creations, adding another layer of craft to your candle making skills. Whether included in a squeezable wax kit or used as standalone educational tools, these cards cover all necessary aspects to care for wax and maintain a safe, effective, and enjoyable product experience.

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