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Squeezable Wax Squeezy Care Instruction Cards | 50 pk 3.5x2”

Squeezable Wax Squeezy Care Instruction Cards | 50 pk 3.5x2”

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Introducing our premium Care/Instruction Cards for Squeezable Wax Melt Pouches! Perfectly sized at 3.5” x 2”, each pack contains 50 cards, ensuring you have plenty of guidance at hand for using your squeezable wax products efficiently. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional in the candle making industry, these cards are an indispensable tool.

Each card is carefully designed to provide comprehensive instructions on how to use and care for your squeezable wax melts, squeezable wax melt pouches, squeezable wax bags, squeezable wax bottles, and squeezable wax containers. They include tips on filling empty squeezable wax melt pouches 8oz, managing squeezable wax melt pouches 4 oz, and even smaller sizes like 3oz squeezable wax melt pouches.

Learn the best practices for adding fragrance oil to enhance the lasting home fragrance, and understand the essential safety information with our squeezable wax melt warning labels. These care cards also double as business cards for your squeezable wax business, providing a professional touch when handling squeezable wax melts supplies.

They are not just instructions; they are an upgrade to your craft with useful insights on carving tools needed for detailed wax work. Additionally, these cards help in labeling your products effectively with squeezable wax melt labels and squeezable wax container stickers, making them ideal for both squeezable wax starter kits and advanced users.

Get your pack today and ensure every creation is made with care and expertise!

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