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Square Cardstock for Square Mold 3 inch 3x3” | 34 pk Cutouts Mix

Square Cardstock for Square Mold 3 inch 3x3” | 34 pk Cutouts Mix

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Introducing our 34 Pack of 3x3 Freshie Cardstock Cutouts – the ultimate solution for crafting unique and eye-catching car freshies! Elevate your freshie-making experience with these square cardboard cutouts designed specifically for freshie enthusiasts.

Crafted with precision, these freshie cardstock cutouts are perfect for creating 3-inch freshies that stand out from the rest. Whether you're a seasoned freshie maker or just starting out, these cardstock cutouts for freshies are a must-have in your creative arsenal.

Whether you're in need of cheap freshie molds, unique freshie molds, or trendy freshie molds, our cardstock cutouts seamlessly integrate into your collection of freshie supplies.

These cardstock cutouts are designed to work seamlessly with silicone molds, making them an essential accessory for your freshie-making endeavors. Explore the world of silicone molds for car freshies with ease.

Unleash your creativity and make a statement on the road with our 3x3 Freshie Cardstock Cutouts. Elevate your freshie-making game with this essential addition to your freshie supplies. Order now and transform your car freshies into works of art!
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