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Silver Cowboy Boots Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies | 12 Pack

Silver Cowboy Boots Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies | 12 Pack

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Freshie Bulk 12-Pack: These cardstock freshie cutouts are crafted with care and available in packs of 12, these cardstock cutouts for freshies ensure you have an ample supply for extended crafting sessions, boutique needs, and innovative business ventures. They are perfect cardstock for men, women, and any other freshie lovers!

Perfect Size: Perfectly sized at either 2.5 inch or 3 inches, these cardstock cutouts for freshies are a perfect addition to your freshie supplies. Throw them in a customer grab bag, or pair them with your other cardstock cutouts for fall. 

Tailored for Your  Customer: Our freshie cardstock cutouts are meticulously curated for men, women, and all trendy freshie enthusiasts! From bottle label cutouts to car freshies cardstock designs, this cardstock cutouts for freshies is perfect to add to your collection!

Electric Inspiration: This cattle ear tag cardstock for freshies cardstock freshie is ready to pair with your freshie scents, cardstock cutouts for freshies, and other freshie supplies! It also works great if you’re looking for cardstock freshies cow ear tag themed styles.

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