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Popular Hot Freshie Cardstock Cutout Rounds | 32 pk 4” inch

Popular Hot Freshie Cardstock Cutout Rounds | 32 pk 4” inch

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Introducing our 32 Variety Pack of 4" Cardstock Rounds for Freshies, the perfect addition to your freshie supplies. This mixed variety pack is specially designed for those who love creating custom car fresheners, offering a versatile range of cardstock freshie cutouts. Each 4" round cardstock is crafted to cater to a variety of freshie projects and themes, whether you're using them as freshie cardstock cutouts or integrating them with your unique freshy molds.

For enthusiasts in the car freshie realm, these cardstock rounds are a game-changer. They are the ideal size for car freshie molds and are compatible with a range of materials, including scent beads, aroma beads, and fragrance oils. If you're looking to expand your freshie supplies for the fall season or searching for cheap freshie molds that don't compromise on quality, this variety pack is an essential. It's also perfect for those interested in car freshie molds wholesale, offering a bulk solution for your crafting needs.

Moreover, these cardstock cutouts are not just limited to car freshener use. They are versatile enough for various DIY projects, fitting seamlessly with silicone molds, resin molds, epoxy molds, wax molds, and even soap molds. This makes them a fantastic choice for custom gifts, whether you're creating car fresheners, tumblers, or other personalized items.

In summary, our 32 Variety Pack of 4" Cardstock Rounds is a comprehensive solution for both professional crafters and DIY enthusiasts. It's an excellent addition to any collection of freshie supplies, bringing a touch of customization and creativity to your car scent and freshener projects. Whether you're into trendy or traditional designs, these cardstock rounds for freshies will undoubtedly elevate your crafting game.
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