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Pink Fashion Doll Freshie Cardstock Cutout Rounds | 20 pk

Pink Fashion Doll Freshie Cardstock Cutout Rounds | 20 pk

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Introducing our 20 Pack of 2", 2.5" or 3" Full Color– Cute Fashion Doll Freshie Cardstock Cutouts – your go-to solution for crafting delightful and eye-catching car freshies! Elevate your freshie-making experience with these precisely sized and vibrantly colored cardstock cutouts designed specifically for freshie enthusiasts.

From car vent molds to car air freshener molds, our cardstock cutouts cater to all your freshie-making needs. Experiment with resin, wax, soap, or fragrance oils to craft personalized car fresheners that not only smell amazing but also look stunning.

Transform your car freshies into works of art with our  Full Color Fashion Doll Freshie Cardstock Cutouts. Order these doll-inspired cutouts now and let your creativity run wild – make every drive a fragrant and stylish adventure! Let’s Go Party!
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