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Mixed Variety Cardstock Cutouts | 12 Pack | 2"

Mixed Variety Cardstock Cutouts | 12 Pack | 2"

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Elevate your freshie game with our 12-Pack of 2" Round Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies. This dynamic assortment offers a random mix of designs, perfect for crafting charming and unique car aromas. Embrace the element of surprise as each 2-inch round cutout brings its own flair to your car freshies.

Crafting delightful car scents has never been easier with our premium cardstock cutouts. These meticulously crafted pieces are tailor-made to infuse your car with personality and style. Whether you're a seasoned freshie creator or new to the game, our 2-inch round freshie cardstock cutouts are an essential part of your freshie supplies. Combine these cutouts with our other freshie supplies to create captivating car scents that cater to every mood and season.

Transform your car into a canvas of creativity with these cardstock cutouts. Beyond being simple car freshie supplies, they're a platform for your imagination. Craft freshies that capture the essence of fall or add a touch of whimsy to your daily drive. These 2" round cardstock cutouts are versatile and ready to be used with epoxy, resin, wax, or soap creations. Whether you're looking for unique gifts for her, trendy car air fresheners, or custom car freshies, our 12-Pack of Random Design Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies has you covered. Gear up for a journey of aromatic creativity and let your car freshies make a statement with every scent.

Whether you’re decorating your freshies with a cute freshie hanger, fringe, rhinestone fringe, focal beads, holographic glitter, smell proof bags, or even silicone beads for freshie decoration, this random assortment of mixed designs cardstock freshie cutouts will be the perfect addition to your freshie decorations!

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