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Longhorn -Med Silicone Mold

Longhorn -Med Silicone Mold

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Includes 1 silicone mold in the shape of a longhorn or aztec bull skull for Freshie makers and crafters! This mold measures 4.58" Wide x 3.34" Long x 1" Deep! A thick durable quality silicone mold. It is oven safe up to 400 degrees F.

You can add scented melting aroma beads and oven bake to perfection. Okay to use with scent, mica powder, coloring, and more. Also great for soap and resin crafters. 

These silicone molds are ideal for makers who hand craft items like car freshies, epoxy key chains, chocolate molds, or hand made soaps! This is the smaller of the two sizes we offer of longhorn aztec bull molds. These have a cowboy and western or southwest feel and style. Great to add fringe to the bottom or glitter to the skull for added design.

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