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Little Mermaid Movie Silicone Focal Bead | 12 Mixed Pack

Little Mermaid Movie Silicone Focal Bead | 12 Mixed Pack

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Embark on a magical crafting journey with our 12 Pack of The Little Mermaid Silicone Focal Beads, perfect for those who adore The Little Mermaid themes. These silicone focal beads Little mermaid Sea Under selections are tailor-made for creating enchanting The Little Mermaid party decorations, enhancing beadable pens, and personalizing beadable keychains. This set boasts four unique Little Mermaid Silicone Bead movie character designs, essential for any The Little Mermaid merch collection.

Designed for versatility, these character focal beads come in sizes of 1.18 x 1.18" and 1 x 1.18", ideal for beadable makeup brushes, beadable badge reels, and crafting pen toppers for beadable pens. Offering a world of creativity, these kids focal beads are a treasure trove for anyone looking to add a splash of magic to their crafts.

These focal beads for pens are available in bulk, making them a prime pick for wholesale shoppers or DIY aficionados seeking focal beads bulk. Beyond pens, these beads serve beautifully in jewelry making, adding charm to bracelets, or as whimsical additions to keychains and lanyards.

Our assorted set complements a variety of themes, pairing wonderfully with cow focal beads, cactus, and more, allowing for a rich tapestry of mixed colors and designs. Whether crafting kids keychains, focal bead bracelets, or personalizing ink pens, our beads mix seamlessly with other cute and charming designs for a truly unique creation.

Ideal for silicone focal beads for jewelry making, or seeking characters and charms for diverse projects, our 12 Pack of The Little Mermaid Silicone Focal Beads set invites you to unleash your creativity. Dive into crafting with these versatile beads, and blend them with other favorites like cow focal beads or cactus for a delightful mix of whimsy and charm.
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