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Jean Denim Jacket Car Freshie

Jean Denim Jacket Car Freshie

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Unleash your creativity and add a touch of personal flair to your car with either our 12 Pack of Denim Jean Jacket Cardstock Cutouts, or Cardstock plus mold, designed specifically for silicone freshie molds. This variety pack offers an exciting range of designs, including "Swift", "Wifey", and Disco Cowgirl themes, making it perfect for crafting custom car freshies that express your style. Each cutout, sized at 97mm x 83mm, is meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit with your freshie molds, allowing for optimal scent dispersion of aroma beads for car freshies.

Not limited to just car freshies, these cardstock cutouts are perfect for anyone looking to explore their creativity with epoxy mold, resin mold, wax mold, or soap mold projects, making them great gifts for her or anyone in your life. The possibilities are endless, from custom freshies that fit perfectly into car fresheners hangers to unique tumblers and full-size freshy creations. Embrace the joy of making and gifting with these denim jacket cardstock cutouts, designed to elevate your crafting game and enhance your car's ambiance with your personal touch.

Whether you're a fan of country freshie cardstock, looking for that perfect cowboy hat cardstock cutouts, or aiming to celebrate your 'Wifey' status, our cardstock cutouts serve as the ideal base for your DIY scent projects. Paired with scented aroma beads for car freshies or fragrance oils, these cutouts will transform your car's ambiance, making every journey more enjoyable. Dive into the world of DIY car fresheners with our denim cardstock, designed to work seamlessly with both trendy freshie molds and car freshie supplies for an unforgettable crafting experience.

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