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Howdy Cardstock Cutouts Rounds | 12 pk

Howdy Cardstock Cutouts Rounds | 12 pk

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Introducing our Charming 12-Pack of your choice 3” or 2.5"  Round "Howdy" Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies - Radiate Warmth and Welcome!

Elevate your scent game with a touch of rustic charm and welcoming spirit. Our carefully curated assortment of "Howdy" themed cardstock cutouts offers a versatile collection for seasoned freshie enthusiasts, creative crafters, and anyone who wants to infuse their space with a friendly atmosphere.

Searching for heartfelt gifts? Look no further. Delight friends, family members, and those who appreciate genuine warmth with these custom freshie molds. These cutouts embody the spirit of hospitality, making them perfect tokens of appreciation and thoughtful gestures. Whether you’re decorating your freshies with a cute freshie hanger, fringe for freshies, rhinestone freshie fringe, focal beads, or even cowboy hats these country western chic howdy cardstock cutouts for freshies will be the perfect addition to your freshie decorations!

Infuse your surroundings with the heartwarming embrace of our "Howdy" 3" cardstock cutouts. Discover the joy of scented creativity and leave an enduring impression with every fragrant masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned creator, a dedicated entrepreneur, or someone who values the beauty of a warm welcome, our cutouts invite you to explore a captivating world of freshie artistry. Start your journey of creativity and hospitality today!

MIXED PACK INFORMATION: Picture is an example of many of the cardstock rounds that MAY be included in your package. You MAY receive duplicates. You MAY receive a few cardstock designs that are NOT pictured here. You MAY not receive all the round cut out designs pictured here, depending on the pack size. We will do our BEST to get you the best quality and assortment as is available.

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