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Grinch Silicone Focal Beads | 12 Mixed Pack

Grinch Silicone Focal Beads | 12 Mixed Pack

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Unleash the holiday spirit with our 12 Pack of Grinch and Max Silicone Focal Beads, a whimsical addition to your Christmas crafting arsenal! These grinch focal beads are perfect for creating grinch charms, grinch earrings, and adding a touch of mischief to grinch pens. Ideal for DIY grinch outfit accessories and grinch tumbler decorations, these beads are a must-have for fans of all ages, making them perfect for holiday party decorations or unique Christmas gifts.

Sized at 1.18 x 1" and 1.1 x .6", our silicone focal beads are versatile for projects including beadable makeup brushes, beadable pens, and grinch badge reels. Seeking beadable pens supplies, pen toppers for beadable pens, or looking to add festive flair to your beadable badge reels? These christmas silicone beads are your go-to, also fitting for creating bracelets, christmas focal beads jewelry, and more holiday-inspired creations.

These grinch and max charms offers a mix of christmas silicone beads in bulk for those who love variety. Our wholesale, high-quality silicone focal beads are perfect for pens, jewelry making, and more. These beads pair wonderfully with cute cow, cactus charms, and more, our kits are ideal for kids, keychains, letters, lanyards, offering endless holiday creativity.

Add our Grinch and Max set to your focal beads bulk collection. They match well with cow focal beads with 2 beads per package and sizes like 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 2mm. Perfectly paired with mixed organizer packs with sayings and words for every theme, including Western and Boujee inspired designs.

For crafters seeking quality, variety, and the unique charm of Grinch-themed projects, our 12 Pack of Grinch and Max Silicone Focal Beads set is essential.
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