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Freshie Referral Refer A Friend for Discount Cards | 50 pk

Freshie Referral Refer A Friend for Discount Cards | 50 pk

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Introduce a powerful tool to your small business marketing toolkit with our 50 Pack of Refer a Friend Cards, perfectly sized at 3.5" x 2". Designed specifically for the growing freshie business, these double-sided referral cards serve as an essential component of your small business marketing strategy. One side of the card features a compelling invitation: "When you refer a friend or family, you will be rewarded. And them!" It's a straightforward yet effective call to action that incentivizes your current customers to spread the word about your offerings.

Flip the card over, and you'll find a heartfelt message: "Thank you for helping grow my freshie business! When you refer a friend or family member, you both will receive a special thank you gift when they show me this referral card!" This side also includes a space for the referrer to fill in their name, e-mail, and who referred them, making it a personal and interactive tool for tracking referrals and fostering a community around your business.

These refer a friend cards are not just business cards; they are a bridge to expanding your customer base while appreciating the ones you already have. Perfect for any car freshie business looking to enhance their freshie business supplies or incorporate into small business packaging. Whether you're adding them to orders as a small business thank you card or using them as part of your small business supplies, these cards are designed to fit seamlessly into your business model.

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