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Dachshund Dog Silicone Bead| 12 pk

Dachshund Dog Silicone Bead| 12 pk

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Embark on a delightful crafting journey with our Silicone Dachshund Focal Beads 12-Pack, each meticulously shaped like everyone's favorite wiener dog. Sized at 3.2cm x 2.6cm, these adorable beads are the perfect addition to your creative arsenal.

Ideal for wholesale purchases, this bulk pack of silicone focal beads caters to various crafting projects. Whether you're into focal beads for pens, jewelry making, or creating personalized bracelets, these dachshund-shaped beads add a charming touch. Craft with flair and express your love for cute characters with this assorted mix, featuring a lovable dachshund design.

The versatile 3.2cm x 2.6cm size ensures easy incorporation into bracelets, pens, or other crafting ventures. Create kits for kids, personalized keychains, or Louis Vuitton-inspired accessories with these whimsical dachshund beads. The pack offers a mixed array of colors, allowing you to infuse vibrancy into your creations.

Organize your crafting endeavors effortlessly with this comprehensive pack that includes beads with sayings on them, adding a touch of personalization to your projects. Perfect for dog lovers and charm enthusiasts alike, these dachshund beads are a must-have for those seeking a mix of creativity and cuteness. Unleash your imagination and craft with joy using our Silicone Dachshund Focal Beads – the ultimate accessory for dog lovers and crafting enthusiasts!
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