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Cowhide Rug Car Freshie

Cowhide Rug Car Freshie

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Dive into the rustic charm of the countryside with your choice of 12 Pack Cowhide Print cutouts plus mold, or 12 Pack of Cowhide Print Cutouts, perfectly crafted for silicone freshie molds. These unique cardstock cutouts, measuring 93mm x 85mm, offer a variety of authentic cowhide designs, bringing a touch of western elegance directly to your vehicle. Ideal for those who love the aesthetic of cowhide accessories and the spirit of the wild west, these cutouts are perfect for creating cowboy hat freshie, western car freshie, or even disco cowgirl themed car fresheners.

Utilize these cowhide cardstock cutouts with aroma beads for car freshies, leveraging scented aroma beads for car freshies or fragrance oils to infuse your car with delightful scents. Whether you're aiming for a cowhide print tumbler, looking to enhance your freshie supplies with cowgirl cardstock, or planning disco cowgirl party favors, these cutouts provide the versatility and style you need. They're an essential addition to anyone's car freshie supplies, designed to work flawlessly with freshie molds silicone, including trendy freshie molds and car freshie molds bundle, making them a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and crafters looking for unique and cheap freshie molds.

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