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Cowboy Hat Freshie (Medium Size)

Cowboy Hat Freshie (Medium Size)

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Dive into the spirit of the wild west and disco glam with either our 12 Pack of Disco Cowgirl Hat Cardstock Cutouts, exclusively designed for silicone freshie molds or just the 12 pack of cardstock. Each cardstock cutout measures 37mm x 88mm in size - perfect for car freshener hangers. These unique cowboy hat cardstock cutouts are the perfect addition to your DIY freshie making supplies, blending the iconic cowboy and cowgirl hat silhouette with a touch of disco cowgirl flair. Ideal for anyone looking to add a western twist or disco vibe to their car with custom-made freshies. Each cutout is meticulously crafted to ensure it fits perfectly in freshie molds silicone, making them suitable for a wide range of scent-related DIY projects.

Whether you're looking to infuse your car with the inviting aroma of scented aroma beads for car freshies or seeking to create unique gifts, these cardstock cutouts serve as the foundation for endless creativity. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned crafters, they pair seamlessly with aroma beads in bulk, fragrance oils, and car freshie supplies, ensuring your DIY freshies not only look fantastic but smell great too. With this pack, embrace the opportunity to make cowboy hat freshie, cowgirl cardstock, or disco cowgirl party favors that captivate and charm.

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