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Cow Cardstock Cutouts Rounds | 12 pk Mixed

Cow Cardstock Cutouts Rounds | 12 pk Mixed

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Moo-ve over ordinary car scents, and make way for our 12-Pack of Cow Themed Cardstock Cutouts! These adorable 3" or 2.5"  round cutouts are the perfect way to add a touch of farm-inspired charm to your car freshies. Whether you're a country soul or just looking to bring some whimsy to your ride, these cow-themed cutouts are udderly delightful. Whether you’re decorating your freshies with a cute freshie hanger, fringe for freshies, rhinestone freshie fringe, focal beads, or even plastic cowboy hats, these fluffy highland cow themed cutouts for freshies will be the perfect addition to your freshie decorations!

Crafting charming car freshies has never been more fun with our high-quality cardstock cutouts. Each piece is carefully designed to infuse your car with the playful spirit of cows. Whether you're a seasoned freshie crafter or just starting out, our 3-inch round freshie cardstock cutouts are an essential part of your freshie supplies. Mix and match these cutouts with our other freshie supplies to create captivating car scents that transport you to a picturesque barnyard.

Transform your car into a charming countryside escape with these cow-themed cardstock cutouts. Beyond being just car freshie supplies, they're a canvas for your creativity. Whether you're crafting a freshie that exudes farm-fresh vibes or filling your car with the scent of nostalgia, these round cow-themed cutouts are the perfect addition to your freshie-making journey. Let your car reflect your love for all things bovine with our 12-Pack of Cow Themed Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies.

MIXED PACK INFORMATION: Picture is an example of many of the cardstock rounds that MAY be included in your package. You MAY receive duplicates. You MAY receive a few cardstock designs that are NOT pictured here. You MAY not receive all the round cut out designs pictured here, depending on the pack size. We will do our BEST to get you the best quality and assortment as is available.

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