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Chenille Letter Freshie Cardstock Cutout Rounds | 26 pk 2.5” inch

Chenille Letter Freshie Cardstock Cutout Rounds | 26 pk 2.5” inch

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Introducing our vibrant 26 Pack of Pink Chenille Alphabet Cardstock Cutouts, designed to bring a splash of color and personalization to your DIY projects. These are available in your choice of 3 inch or  2.5-inch round. These cardstock rounds are perfect for creating personalized freshies, with each letter of the alphabet allowing for endless customization options. Whether you're crafting car freshies, custom gifts, or unique home decor, these alphabet cutouts are an essential addition to your freshie supplies.

These cutouts serve as an innovative base for epoxy mold, resin mold, wax mold, or soap mold projects, making them versatile gifts for her or anyone passionate about DIY. Utilize these rounds with scent beads, aroma beads, or fragrance oils in your car freshie mold or silicone mold to craft custom car freshies that enrich any vehicle with delightful car scent. Ideal for creating cute car air fresheners, these cutouts can be attached to car vent molds or used as car fresheners hangers and car clips, offering a personalized touch to your car's ambiance. Whether you're stocking up on car freshie molds wholesale for personal use or planning unique crafts like tumblers, these alphabet cutouts cater to all your creative needs, promising a fresh, custom car freshie experience.

Crafted specifically for compatibility with letter freshie mold and freshie molds silicone, these cardstock cutouts ensure your creations stand out. Ideal for use with scent beads, aroma beads, and fragrance oils, these cutouts will help diffuse your chosen scent, making them perfect for car freshies or room fresheners. Whether you're looking to add a personalized touch to your vehicle with a cute car air freshener or crafting custom gifts for friends and family, these pink chenille alphabet cutouts offer versatility and style for any project.

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