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Car Hanging Diffuser Care Card | 50 Pack | Business Card Size 2x3.5" inches

Car Hanging Diffuser Care Card | 50 Pack | Business Card Size 2x3.5" inches

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This listing product includes physical printed cards. Size is 2 x 3.5" inches each business card is printed front and back on a thick premium 14 pt. matte card stock. This card is printed and back with instructions on how to care for your car scent diffuser.

These cards are ideal for makers who craft car diffusers. Having these cards on hand to give to your customers will release yourself of the liability of incorrect care causing issues when using your handmade car diffusers. Once you educate your customers on the correct way to care for their diffusers, you not only ensure the longevity of the product but also improve your customer's satisfaction and experience.

As a maker of car diffusers, we know there are many things you need to make a successful business. We like to offer care instruction cards at wholesale bulk rate for you as your business grows and you becoming a master maker! Whether you're using reed diffuser, car diffuser usb c car diffuser, car diffuser cup holder, car diffusers for essential oils vent clip, car diffusers for essential oils, car diffusers for essential oils hanging, car diffusers for essential oils usb plug in, car diffuser, car diffusers, car oil diffusers, car reed diffuser, car reed, car reed diffuser, hanging diffusers, car aromatherapy, aromatherapy, care diffuser clip, car diffuser diy, care diffuser empty, or car diffuser essential oils you use these care instruction cards will work perfectly for you! Let's grow your car diffuser business!

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