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Big Foot Sasquatch Silicone Focal Beads | 12 Pack

Big Foot Sasquatch Silicone Focal Beads | 12 Pack

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Unleash your inner explorer with our 12-Pack of Silicone Focal Beads featuring the enigmatic phrase "We Believe," set against an image of Bigfoot lurking in the background. Each bead is meticulously crafted from high-quality silicone, making them perfect for a myriad of crafting endeavors.

These silicone focal beads are it - whether you're embellishing pens, crafting jewelry, making bigfoot or sasquatch bracelets, or creating unique accessories, these versatile beads are a must-have addition to your collection. The bulk pack ensures you'll have an ample supply for all your crafting needs, whether you're working on individual projects or organizing crafting sessions for a group.

Mix and match these beads with other assorted colors and charming designs to create endless combinations. You can mix them with beads of other sizes like 2mm, 15mm, 20mm, or even 30mm. Let your creativity run wild as you incorporate them into your kits or kids' crafts, or use them to adorn keychains, lanyards, and more.

Embrace the mystery of the wilderness and show your belief in the legendary Sasquatch with these captivating focal beads. Order now and add a touch of intrigue to your crafting repertoire!

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