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Beer Can Bottle 6 Pack Case Cardstock Cutouts

Beer Can Bottle 6 Pack Case Cardstock Cutouts

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Introducing our Bulk Pack of Beer and Soda 6-Pack Style Cardstock Cutouts, 11 designs for a total of 44 pieces, for Freshies – Add a Pop of Flavor and Fizz to Your Car!

Looking to create the coolest, most refreshing freshie cardstock cutouts beer can freshies around? Look no further than our Cardstock Freshie Cutouts – featuring all your favorite soda pop brands and beer images! Our Bulk Pack of Freshie Cardstock Cutouts includes an assortment of beloved soda pop brands and beer images. Pop open a freshie with your favorite drink logos – it's the ultimate way to showcase your love for beverages and freshies! Whether you're looking for unique gifts for her or freshies for guys, these cardstock cutouts are a versatile choice. They make excellent gifts for anyone who appreciates a fresh-scented car!

Elevate your car freshie game and enjoy the refreshing aroma of your favorite beverages everywhere you go. Order our Bulk Pack of Beer and Soda 6-Pack Style Cardstock Cutouts for Freshies today and put a little fizz in your life! Whether you decorate your freshies with a cute freshie hanger, fringe, holographic glitter, focal beads, rhinestone fringe, freshie bag cardstock inserts, popular freshie scents, or freshie stickers these 6 pack freshie cutouts are the perfect addition to your freshie decorations!

Pair these cardstock cutouts with our other Freshie Supplies, including epoxy molds, resin molds, wax molds, and soap molds, to craft the perfect car fresheners that reflect your individuality. Your car will thank you!
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