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Bad One Eyed Heart | 12 pk

Bad One Eyed Heart | 12 pk

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Indulge in whimsical crafting with our 12 Pack of Cheeky Heart-Shaped Silicone Beads, uniquely shaped like hearts with cheeky winking eyes. Each bead, measuring at a delightful 2.1cm x 3.1cm, is a perfect blend of charm and creativity.

Dive into the world of silicone focal beads designed for pens, adding character to your ink pens with these adorable heart-shaped creations. This bulk pack, ideal for jewelry making and keychain crafting, offers wholesale quantities for your crafting joy. Create bracelets and lanyards with these assorted heart silicone beads, perfect for both kids' kits and adult projects.

Organize your beads effortlessly with this mixed colors pack, bringing words and sayings to life on each heart. Whether you're a fan of Western motifs or looking for Louis-inspired designs, this heart silicone bead set adds flair to your crafting arsenal. You'll have a lot to work with, making your Valentine's Day crafts extra special. Elevate your crafting experience with this unique mix of heart silicone beads, a perfect blend of cuteness and character for all your creative endeavors!
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