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Baby Yo Da Silicone Bead Star Wars | 12 pk

Baby Yo Da Silicone Bead Star Wars | 12 pk

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Introducing our 12-Pack of Baby Frogu Silicone Focal Beads – a galactic adventure for your creative endeavors! Crafted with precision, each bead measures 2.7cm x 2.4cm, bringing the beloved characters from adventure sci-fi films to life.

Silicone Focal Beads: Premium quality for durable and delightful crafting Bulk Value: Enjoy a wholesale pack of 12, perfect for jewelry making, pen customization, and more. Assorted Characters: Immerse yourself in a universe of charm with beloved characters. Mixed Colors: Vibrant hues to enhance the visual appeal of your projects. Baby Frogu Design: Capture the cuteness of your favorite sci-fi character in every bead. Versatile Applications: Ideal for pens, jewelry making, keychains, and more.

Whether you're a fan of adventure sci-fi films or seeking adorable additions to your crafts, these baby Frogu silicone beads are perfect for you. Let your creativity soar across galaxies as you craft personalized accessories, pens, and more. Join the crafting force and bring a touch of the universe to your creations with our 12-Pack of Baby Frogu Silicone Focal Beads!
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