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Pink Axolotl Focal Beads Silicone

Pink Axolotl Focal Beads Silicone

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You will receive a bulk package of 12 total focal silicone beads that look like a pink axolotl. These were made with freshie makers in mind. They have a 2mm hole in the top that can be threaded onto string or bungee elastic with a bead loop or crochet loop. Most flat silicone character beads are 8 mm thick. The listing images will show the exact thickness, length, and height. These are large beads made of soft silicone perfect for teacher badge reels or clips.

The 2mm opening is also made to be used with beadable pens. This wholesale price allows you to make many pens, freshies, freshie hangers and even jewelry for your customers. 

These look amazon paired with a 3” cardstock round or a 2.5” unique freshie molds themed cardstock for round freshies. We also sell these! Perfect for any of your freshie customers that want this pink axolotl young people love it. It gives that mom hair don’t care vibe! Southern charm boutique owners will love! Wonderful for anime lovers and people that love special animals.

If you are making a freshie hanger with these- many people also use clasp bead barrel connectors that are safe for bracelets and necklaces! Paired with a thick black string or rope elastic.
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